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Preformed Line Products (PLP) holds the exclusive agency for DSPA fire suppression systems in New Zealand, and Australia. DSPA was developed to replace Halon technology that was banned at the 1989 Montreal Protocol, due to its harmful effect on ozone.

DSPA is an aerosol based technology, extremely cost effective for fire suppression solution, sized by volumetric area, requiring no pipework,
so it is easily fitted retrospectively with little disruption. We can provide full turnkey certified DSPA fire suppression solutions for almost any installation.
From substations, control rooms, server rooms through to warehouse facilities.

Lower ongoing maintenance costs and installation savings often mean a full DSPA solution costs less than an annual re-gas and test on a traditional gas system. DSPA aerosol systems have been installed on an extensive
range of vehicles from marine, excavators hoists, lifters, diggers, EVs, generators through to diesel locomotives.

The DSPA solutions take up a lot less space while offering a robust fully automated, low maintenance and controlled system.

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