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                      Motor Starters                                EMI/RFI
                      Three phase, star delta or DOL motor starters are available in   Electropar PLP marine products can be supplied with EMI/
                      forward and reversing models to suit motors rated up to 30kW.  RFI shielding to MIL standards.  A wide range of EMI shielding
                      Housed in IP56 aluminium, sheetmetal or stainless steel   is available to suit the requirements of individual applications
                      enclosures, these units have been designed for vertical   ranging from gaskets to windows and vents, and finger strips for
                      bulkhead mounting.                            hinged doors.  Further details are available on request.

                      Control Panels                                Plug & Socket Pin Configurations
                      Custom designed and manufactured to individual specifications,   Electropar PLP’s plugs and sockets are available in the following
                      Electropar PLP’s control panels utilise high quality, componentry   pin configurations:
                      including relays, pushbuttons, indicating lights etc.
                                                                            24VDC 15A*    Type 1
                      Control panels are available in a range of enclosures including
                      aluminium or sheetmetal and stainless steel.  Aluminium and
                      sheetmetal enclosures are finished in Smoke Blue T33 powder      115V 50/60Hz 10A  Type 2
                      coating as standard with other colours available on request.
                                                                            115V 50/60Hz 20A  Type 3
                      Non-Magnetic           Enclosures         &
                      Terminal Boxes                                        240V 50/60Hz 10A  Type 4
                      Non-magnetic  enclosures  and  terminal  boxes  are  designed
                      and manufactured in a wide range of sizes and terminal
                      configurations.  Enclosures are formed from aluminium or non-  *Not currently available for socket outlets in aluminium housings.
                      magnetic stainless steel with aluminium, copper, brass and
                      plastic componentry.
                      Featuring IP56 protection, these surface mounting units are
                      finished in standard pins powder coat colours.

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