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This is a representative range of Electropar
                                                                               PLP’s defence quality, marine, electrical
                                                                               accessories is depicted in this catalogue.
                                                                               New and cutomised designs are continually
                                                                               under development.

                                                                               Electropar PLP products are extensively
                                                                               tested to withstand rogorous defence
                                                                               environments. The equipment detailed
                                                                               in this catalogue has been tested and
                                                                               approved as applicable to the following

                                                                               • Shock Test- to MIL-STD-901D
                                                                                 (NAVY) 1989
                                                                               • Vibration Test-to MIL-STD-1671
                                                                                 (SHIPS) 1974
                                                                               • Climatic Test-to Germanisher Lloyd
                                                                                 “Regulations for the Performance of
                                                                                  Type Tests for Electrical Appliances and
                                                                                  Components”, September 1990

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