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Metal Forming

Cornerstone to EPLPs products are the hot and cold metal forming processes transforming Aluminium and Copper Tube, Round and Flat Sections into final shapes. The workhorses of this process are our hydraulic presses from 60 to 200 Ton and Mechanical Presses from 20 to 200 Tons, as well as Pipe Rollers and Tube/Bar Bending Machines. Innovative upsetting and sleeving technology is commonplace, as is captive tooling that eliminates multi-step operations.


Power Presses, Annealing and Forming Machines
We recently enhanced our pressing capability with a new 200T Wilkens & Mitchell, bringing the machine to be the latest addition to our pressing department. This power press, combined with the support of annealing and forming machines, increases our capability to process aluminium, copper tubes, bars and plates into a wide range of fittings, connectors, and protectors that
support the ANZ power sector.