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Compounds and Lubricants

SKU: Dow Corning Electrical Silicones-1

4 Electrical Insulating Compound
A medium consistency, translucent white, grease-like, silicone paste, No 4 compound creates an excellent dielectric moisture barrier on electrical equipment.

7 Release Compound
A versatile, light consistency, white, grease-like silicone paste, No 7 compound is a release and parting agent for plastic and metal surfaces.

111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant
A stiff, translucent white, grease-like silicone paste, Molykote 111 is an excellent general purpose O-ring and valve lubricant.

Other Molykote products available. Please call us with your application.



Dow Compounds & Lubricants

Stock No  Description   Unit
425050 4 Electr Insulating Compound 1927574 150g
425055 4 Electr Insulating Compound 1954016 3.63kg
425150 7 Release Compound 1927582 150g
425011 Molykote 111 Valve & O’Ring 2076632 400g
425600 Molykote 111 Valve & O’Ring 2240785 100g
425300 Molykote 33 Med Grease 1673874 100g
425380 Molykote 44 Med Grease 1302582 100g
425350 Molykote 41 Grease 1673858 100g
425006 Molykote BR 2 + Grease 2186233 100g
425008 Molykote BR 2 + Grease 2196476 400g
425010 Molykote White EP Grease 2662213 400g
425450 Molykote 55M Grease 1302604 100g
425052 Molykote Hi Vac 1597418 150g
428296 Anti-Seize Thread Paste P74 4045343 500g
428298 Pressfit G-N Plus Paste 2186225 100g
428709 316 Release Spray 2065479 284g
428707 MKL-N Chain Spray 3166571 400ml
428712 Molykote D-321R Spray 4023491 400ml

Dow Conformal Coatings

Stock No  Description   Unit
427100 3140 RTV Coating 2767996 90ml

Dow Encapsulants

Stock No  Description   Unit
425712 170A&B Sylgard Elast Kit 1696157 2kg
425715 170A&B Sylgard Elast Kit 1432605 10kg
425805 184 Sylgard Sil Elast Kit 2065614 0.5kg

Dow Heat Sink Compounds

Stock No  Description   Unit
425950 340 Heat Sink Compound 1446622 142g
425955 340 Heat Sink Compound 1608410 9.1kg

184 Transparent Encapsulant
This encapsulant comes in two-part kit comprising liquid components that mix in a 10:1 weight ration and heat cure to a flexible, transparent elastomer.

170 Sylgard
A encapsulated, quick mix, ; ratio, colour coded kit, 170 does away with time consuming, error prone measuring and weighing to ensure the right result. As well as excellent dielectric properties, it provides stability and relief from mechanical shock and thermal cycling stress, provides fire protection and maintains UL fire rating classifications.

340 Heat Sink Compound
A white, grease-like silicone heavily filled with heat-conductive metal oxides, 340 maintains a positive heat-sink seal that improves heat transfer from electrical or electronic devices to a heat chassis to increase overall efficiency.