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EpaCord, Barbours Cord & TY Tape

SKU: EpaCord, Barbours Cord & TY Tape

Cord constructed from high strength Rayon and treated with wax.
Class F 155°C

EPaCord FTC is manufactured from yarn of viscose Rayon DTEX.1840 (1650) 100 TPMZ. Rayon is a cellulose based fibre. In general, the tie cord exhibits some elongation, but only a small amount of shrinkage (retraction), under tension at 20oC. The wax is defined as SEM-HM 850 wax and is applied to assist in the handling properties. The Rayon tie cord does not cause any irritation to the applicator’s skin.


EpaCord FTC Flat Waxed Rayon Tie Cord

Generally used for tieing off windings in electric motors. Tieing conductors.

Description Unit
412650 EpaCord FTC No.4 (3mm wide x 800m) roll
412652 EpaCord FTC No.6 (4mm wide x 800m) roll
412654 EpaCord FTC No.9 (5mm wide x 400m) roll
412657 EpaCord FTC No.12 (7mm wide x 300m) roll
412659 EpaCord FTC No.15 (8mm wide x 200m) roll

Barbours Thread

Description Unit
408300 Barbours Thread No. 4 (2050m) Waxed Nylon roll
408302 Barbours Thread No. 6 (500m) Linen roll

TY 8-10 Tape

Description Unit
411940 Tape TY 8-10 10mm x 100m roll
411942 Tape TY 12mm x 100m roll

EPaCord FTC is principally employed for tying and bracing of small and medium random wound electrical machine windings and on armatures.