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EpaFlex SRG Sleeving

SKU: EpaFlex SRG Sleeving

Epaflex is generally used for the protection of wires and cables from mechanical damage and heat.
Black Only – Other colours upon request.

  • Silicone Elastomer Coated Braided Glass
  • Insulating Sleeving
  • Electric Strength 7.0kV
  • UL approved File No: E223817
  • Class C 200°C

EpaFlex SRG (Silicone Coated Glass)
Sleeving 220°C 7500V

Roll Sizes
0.5mm to 2.0mm Bore 200 metres
Above 2.0mm 100 metres


Description Unit
412029 EpaFlex SRG 0.50mm Bore White metre
412031 EpaFlex SRG 1.00mm Bore Red metre
412033 EpaFlex SRG 1.00mm Bore Black metre
412035 EpaFlex SRG 1.00mm Bore Blue metre
412037 EpaFlex SRG 1.00mm Bore Yellow metre
412039 EpaFlex SRG 1.00mm Bore White metre
412051 EpaFlex SRG 2.00mm Bore Black metre
412055 EpaFlex SRG 2.00mm Bore Yellow metre
412057 EpaFlex SRG 2.00mm Bore White metre
412061 EpaFlex SRG 2.50mm Bore Black metre
412069 EpaFlex SRG 3.00mm Bore Black metre
412077 EpaFlex SRG 4.00mm Bore Black metre
412085 EpaFlex SRG 5.00mm Bore Black metre
412101 EpaFlex SRG 8.00mm Bore Black metre
412113 EpaFlex SRG 12.00mm Bore Black metre


Technical Description
EPaFlex SRG insulating sleeving is manufactured by coating braided “E” glass yarn with a silicone elastomer and is capable of continuous performance from -70°C to +220°C. Short term temperatures of up to 265°C can be tolerated.

EPaFlex SRG is widely used in high temperature rated domestic appliances, heating appliances and other “hot area” cable protection applications. It is suitable for insulation of winding leads and joints in Class H rated rotating machines because it has strong mechanical properties.

  • Typical Properties
  • Thermal Classification Class C, 200°C
  • Maximum Short Term Temperature 265°C
  • Bore Sizes 0.5mm to 16mm