Motor Fans

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Fan Blades Plastic and Aluminium

Replacement fans for electric motors. Sold by motor frame size and shaft size with pilot bush.

Aluminium Motor Fans

In demanding applications, the durability of an aluminium fan is hard to beat. For reduced maintenance and reliability in heavy duty industrial environments, we recommend aluminium fans. Fans are supplied in blank condition, ready for machining and fitting. Replacement fans for electric motors. Sold by motor frame size.



Plastic Fans & Bushes

Stock No  Description Unit
403021 Fan 71 Frame dia 122mm #BF10 each
403022 Fan 80 Frame dia 132mm #BF20 each
403023 Fan 90 Frame dia 167mm #BF30 each
403024 Fan 100 Frame dia 171mm #BF40 each
403025 Fan 112 Frame dia 216mm #BF50 each
403026 Fan 132 Frame dia 246mm #BF60 each
403027 Fan 160 Frame dia 298mm #BF70 each
403028 Fan 180 Frame dia 333mm #BF80 each
403120 Pilot Bush 71/80 Frame #BF10/20 each
403220 Pilot Bush 90/100 Frame #BF30/40 each
403320 Pilot Bush 112/132 Frame #BF50/60 each
403420 Pilot Bush 160/180 Frame #BF70/80 each


Aluminium Motor Fans

Stock No  Description Unit
403600 Fan D71 each
403602 Fan D80 each
403604 Fan D90 each
403606 Fan D100 each
403608 Fan D112 each
403610 Fan D132 each
403612 Fan D160 each
403614 Fan D180 each
403616 Fan D225 each