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NOFIQ ® FMD (Fire Management Device)



  • Integrable solutions with all the detection and management systems of buildings
  • Highly sensitive detection and extinguishing system in a single device
  • Monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Extremely compact
  • Units installed completely inside the cabinet
  • Minimal investment
  • Reduced installation costs (plug & play and wireless)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extinction guaranteed
  • Limited damage and loss

ACTIVA® continuously monitors both the levels of carbon monoxide and the absolute and differential temperature inside the electrical panel. As soon as an increase of the concentration of carbon monoxide and/or the temperature in a critical range, an alarm is generated.

In the electrical panels and rack cabinets, in the control units and in the technical rooms there are potential fire risks. ACTIVA® provides an innovative and effective solution for the protection of these spaces to ensure the business continuity and cancel the technical downtime.

ACTIVA® prevents and extinguishes fires even before the traditional fire protection systems are activated. Therefore ACTIVA® can be used as an alternative to traditional solutions in the electrical panels in some areas. With the installation of ACTIVA®, fire damages are significantly reduced, while ensuring the continuity of the site.