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RS Wire & Hook-Up Cable

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RSG High Temp Tinned Copper Appliance Wire/Cable
RSG high temperature copper wire comprises tinned, annealed, electrical copper conductor sheathed with extruded silicone rubber, braided with non-alkali fibreglass and treated with silicone varnish.

RSG is generally used for heating elements, ovens, lights
RSG = Rubber Silicone With Fibreglass Over Braid


RSG Tinned Copper High Temperature Wire 180°C (appliance wire)

Stock No Description Unit
450332 0.75mm² Red metre
450333 0.75mm² Black metre
450336 1.00mm² Red metre
450337 1.00mm² Black metre
450340 1.50mm² Red metre
450341 1.50mm² Black metre
450344 2.50mm² Red metre
450345 2.50mm² Back metre


Suitable for continuous operation at 180°C, RSG and wire feature:
• Safe, self extinguishing sheathing.
• Excellent abrasion resistance for durability.
• Flexible and strips cleanly for ease of handling.
• For long term maintenance, RSG retain their flexibility and will not crack when disturbed.
• Electrical Rating: 300V.
• Breakdown voltages: RSG 1500V.
• Temperature Rating: 180°C continuous.
• For temperatures to 500°C – Talk to PLP .