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Sheet Insulations – Nomex and Varnished

SKU: Sheet Insulations - Nomex and Varnished

Nomex Aramid Paper

Inherent Dielectric Strength – Depending on the product type and thickness, Nomex will withstand short term electrical stresses of 18 to 40kV/mm with no need for further treatment with varnishes or resins.

Mechanical Toughness – Nomex products are strong, resilient and (in the thinner grades) flexible, with good resistance to tearing and abrasion.

Thermal Stability – Temperatures up to 200°C have little or no effect on the electrical and mechanical properties of Nomex. Even with continuous exposure at 220°C for 10 years or more, Nomex still retains useful values.

Chemical Compatibility – Nomex is essentially unaffected by most solvents and is usually resistent to attack by acids and alkalines. It is compatible with all varnishes, resins, oils and fluorocarbons and is impervious to attack by insects, fungi or moulds.


*Slit/Punched die cut material available on request.

Nomex Type 410 Calendered Insulation Paper

Stock No Description Unit
412302 0.05mm x 914mm metre
412314 0.13mm x 914mm metre
412454 0.18mm x 914mm metre
412326 0.25mm x 914mm metre
412338 0.38mm x 914mm metre
412452 0.51mm x 914mm metre
412356 0.76mm x 914mm metre


Nomex Type 414 Calendered Insulation Paper

Stock No Description Unit
412428 0.18mm x 914mm metre
412613 0.25mm x 914mm metre
412614 0.38mm x 914mm metre
412615 *Other Grades And Thicknesses Available metre


Nomex Type 411 Uncalendered Insulation Paper

Stock No Description Unit
950319 0.38mm x 914mm metre

Grade T-410*
• 2-30mils thick, highly calendered.
• High density (0.8-1.1g/cc) and high toughness.
• Stiff, smooth, sealed surface.
• High mechanical and electrical strength.
• Suitable for every application in motors and transformers (liquid or dry).

Grade T-414*
• 3.4 to 15mils thick.
• High density (0.9g/cc) but is flexible.
• Conformable, open saturable surface.
• High tear resistance and high electrical strength.
• Superior in liquid applications.
• Ideal for motor and transformer applications where formability is needed.