Straight Separable Cable Connector – 24kV 250A

SKU: CGS-250-24

For all 1-core polymeric cables, for outer cone system terminals type A

Cellplux straight separable cable connectors CGS are suitable for connecting all polymeric-insulated 1-core cables (PVC, PE, XLPE,EPR), with different types of semi-conductive layers (graphite coated or strippable) and screen design (wire or tape screen) for switching equipment and transformers having an outer cone system type A, up to maximum network voltage of 24 kV in accordance with EN 50180 and EN 50181.

• Indoor Voltage level
• U0/U (Um) 6/10 (12) kV -12.7/22 (24) kV

Test standards
• CENELEC HD 629.1
• (DIN VDE 0278, part 629-1 Storage conditions/Shelf life
• Unlimited shelf life


• With capacitive measuring point
• Individually tested
• Outer semi-conductive layer made of semi-conductive EPDM provides protection from exposed electrical parts
• Cable sheath insulation fault test may be performed while under voltage
• For copper and aluminium conductors
• Quick, safe and easy assembly
• Suitable for a wide range of applications due to integrated screw cable lug

Dimension (mm)Nominal cross-section (mm²)
Catalog Number BLmin. Ø over core insulation after removal of the outer conductive layer (mm)12kV24kV Quantity
CGS-250-24-25/95 11024814.735-9525-95
CGS-250-24-70/150 11024819.9120-15070-150