T-Shaped Separable Coupling Con. – 24kV 630A

SKU: CTKS-630-24

For all 1-core polymeric cables, for separable connector type CTS

Cellplux T-shaped separable coupling connectors CTKS are suitable for connecting all polymeric-insulated 1-core cables (PVC, PE, XLPE, EPR), with different types of semi-conductive layers (graphite-coated or strippable) and screen design (wire or tape screen) to the back of T-shaped separable connectors type CTS.

• Indoor Voltage level
• U0/U (Um) 6/10 (12) kV -19/33 (36) kV

Test standards
• CENELEC HD 629.1
• (DIN VDE 0278, part 629-1

Storage conditions/Shelf life
• Unlimited shelf life


• With capacitive measuring point
• Individually tested
• Outer semi-conductive layer made of semi-conductive EPDM provides protection from exposed electrical parts
• Cable sheath insulation fault test may be performed while under voltage
• For copper and aluminium conductors
• Quick, safe and easy assembly
• Suitable for a wide range of applications due to integrated screw cable lug

Scope of delivery
Set of 3 separable cable connectors, silicone stress control elements, earthing set, screw cable lug for the main conductor, screw cable lug for wire screen, assembly material, assembly instructions
Optional accessory: EGA earthing kit for cables with tape screen (see Connecting technology)

Dimension (mm)Nominal cross-section (mm²)
Catalog Number BHLmin. Ø over core insulation after removal of the outer conductive layer (mm)12kV24kV Quantity
CTKS-630-24-400/630 8731020533.4500-630400-630
CTKS-630-24-95/240 7425029022150-24095-240