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The μ-FEP system
The μ-FEP fire alarm and extinguishing control system is specifically developed for an aerosol extinguishing system in relation to our firefighting concept: ‘Fire detection & suppression at the source’.

  • Versatile
  • Compact 
  • Easy operation
  • Easy programming
  • Remote Control Panel 
  • Logical System Structure 
  • Extinguishing at the source
  • Input and Output monitoring
  • Redundant extinguishing output
  • FCC, CE, ESD, EMC, BRL23003/2, IP66

The μ-FEP system consist the following:

  • μ-FEP Fire & Extinguishing Panel
  • μ-ETB Extinguishers Terminal Box

The μ-FEP Fire & Extinguishing alarm panel is a compact panel 80 x 151 x 60 mm (h x w x d), and can therefore protect locations where a standard fire alarm / extinguishing panel is not applicable.

The μ-FEP is designed to be a stand-alone fire detection-extinguishant release panel used in systems for e.g. electrical cabinets, CNC machines, engine rooms, small area’s or other
equipment in which the user should be able to extinguish a fire rapidly and effective.

This is e.g. done by pressing simultaneously the two extinguishing activation buttons or by means of a fire alarm from the automatic fire detectors programmed in single or double zone fire detection. In the event of a fire alarm, the system activates the connected electrically activatable aerosol extinguishing units.

The μ-FEP operation is simple and designed in accordance with the EN54-2 requirements for fire alarms and alarm systems, as well the EN12094- 1 meant for fixed firefighting systems. The μ-FEP extinguishant release panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small and compact fixed firefighting systems.

The most important characteristics of the μ-FEP fire alarm / extinguishing panel:

The μ-FEP fire alarm / extinguishing panel:
– is able to activate a fire extinguishing either manually or after one or two fire alarms
– Separate outputs for fire, fault, extinguishing release, ventilation off and optical/acoustical alarm
– Operates on an input voltage 6 to 28 Volt dc
– Is equipped with a 4-hours emergency power in the event of a main power failure
– Is IP66 protected , reverse polarity, transient and EMC protected
– Is provide with 9 prepared cable gland holes

The μ-FEP fire alarm / extinguishing panel has:
– Able to set to manual, single stage or double stage detection, alarm and extinguishing
– Outputs for fire, fault, extinguishing released, ventilation off and visual & acoustic alarm device
– A full monitored output for the aerosol fire extinguishing generators
– Two full monitored fire alarm input groups (zones) for linear heat and / or point detectors
– Two full monitored alarm input groups for external extinguishing release and hold function
– Double extinguisher release buttons to prevent unwanted releases
– Extinguisher hold release button to postpone releases
– Extinguisher release delay to prevent unwanted releases
– A test mode that allows to test the detection, signaling and controls without a release
– Watchdog timer will for additional safety
– Fault monitoring and fault identifying
– Fault monitoring extinguishing output
– Fault monitoring fire detection input
– Additional option to override the release extinguishing delay after manual release
– Additional functionality regarding separated external hold-off functions
– Additional functionality regarding separated external release extinguishing functions
– Historic event log memory readable from a mini USB port
– The μ-FEP works on input voltage 6 to 28 Volt DC
– Modbus RS485 communication port
– The unit is water proof IP66 and surge, transient, ESD and EMC protected