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About Us

PLP protects the world’s most critical connections by creating stronger and more reliable networks. The company’s precision-engineered solutions are trusted by energy and communications providers worldwide to perform better and last longer. With locations in over 20 countries, PLP works as a united global corporation, delivering high-quality products and unparalleled service to customers around the world.

PLP New Zealand Building

PLP New Zealand

PLP NZ (formerly Electropar) was founded in 1950 and acquired by PLP in 2010.  PLP New Zealand’s excellence is focused on the design, manufacturing & sourcing of electrical solutions across a range of industry sectors, supported by  long standing partnerships with world class suppliers like S&C and R Stahl.   PLP is recognised as being a leading Australasian supplier of  HV substation air insulated bus bar systems to 500kV – proudly made in our Auckland factory.  PLP NZ offers a wide range of PLP manufactured and third-party products to support the transmission, distribution, communications, and renewable sectors. PLP NZ’s diverse offering also includes hazardous area electrical solutions for the petrochemical &  industrial sectors. We also distribute a wide range of electrical-related consumables and supporting componentry to the electrical OEM and motor repair sectors.  We have recently expanded our portfolio to include DSPA an industry leading dry powder aerosol fire suppression solution and in the services space a comprehensive Asset Inspection Services offering using Drones, helicopters to collect and interrogate utility asset health data. 

Evolution of PLP

PLP is an innovative supplier of infrastructure solutions led by three visionary leaders since its founding, Thomas F. Peterson, Jon R. Ruhlman and Robert G. Ruhlman. In 1947, Thomas F. Pedersen founded PLP when he saw the need for a product that did not yet exist. The success of his ground-breaking mechanically formed helical design, a sturdier conductor for transmission lines, was nearly thwarted by his former employer who passed on his idea, thinking it was unnecessary. 

Despite the rejection, Petersen pressed on and began licensing his helical design to several companies. Ironically, one of those companies began selling Petersen’s products to his former employer. The PREFORMED™ Armor Rod, as it would officially be named, became the flagship product of what is a highly
recognised international company that offers an array of innovative critical infrastructure solutions.


Evolution of PLP

With more than 3,000 employees globally, 75 years of operation and supplying to more than 150 countries, PLP has a deep understanding of how overhead electricity and communications assets perform in extreme environments. If you like to understand more about PLP products, its comprehensive Inspection Services, Design and Engineering capabilities then see us in East Tamaki.