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asset inspection services

Asset Inspection Services

In today’s world, energy companies are faced with maintaining ageing infrastructures while providing maximum uptime and reliability for end user while keeping costs low. This has spurred the need for Safer and More Efficient asset Inspections compared to traditional methods.

PLP offers an end-to-end solution for collecting data and reporting on the condition of utility assets and vegetation encroachment. Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or aircraft as a tool, combined with PLP’s Industry knowledge, advanced data analytics, PLP is positioned to provide actionable data and insights, understanding the asset condition in order to reduce SAIDI/SAIFI and focus spending.


Our comprehensive visual inspection services include high resolution and infrared (IR) image data collection, assessment and classifications of assets by our highly trained and experienced analysts and engineers, secure data management, and delivery of an actionable data set including a final summary report. PLP’s reliability concern classification aligns with the EEA Asset Health Index scaling of H1 to H5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to aid the analysis of images captured to efficiently process the high volume of images from inspections.

LiDAR data capture of networks is becoming more prevalent globally due to technology improvements of sensors and speed of data capture. Multiple sensors can be added to the aircraft when capturing a network. These include the laser sensor and multiple cameras (Forward/Nadir/Backward) making an ideal tool for the capture of power networks.

LiDAR data enables network owners to create a digital twin of their network. It provides not only inputs into vegetation management, but also into engineering design, line sag and accurate location of assets. PLP have the added offering of the installation of bird diverters onto lines by means of drones.

Aerial Drone Inspections for Electric Utilities

PLP provides safe and reliable drone inspection services for utility assets including transmission and distribution power lines, substations, and generation facilities. By utilizing PLP’s 70+ years of industry experience, our Inspection Services solution provides the expertise and knowledge needed to capture, analyse, and assess the condition of utility assets, including conductors, insulators, hardware, poles, towers, and rights-of-way.

  • 70+ years of electric power utility experience
  • World-renowned designer and manufacturer of utility system components
  • In-house, state-of-the-art research and testing facility
  • Global team of industry engineers and subject matter experts

Projects We Perform

Drone-based detailed Visual Inspection (Comprehensive Level 1 )

  • Transmission Lines
  • Distribution Line 

Drone-based Top Views Only Inspection (Routine Level 2 )

  • Distribution Lines
Helicopter visual Inspection (multi-sensor)
  • Transmission Lines
  • Distribution Lines 

Additional Inspections and Surveys

  • Substation Facility
  • Generation Facility
  • Solar Power Array
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • LiDar Survey
  • Thermal Scan
  • Custom Projects 

Our Comprehensive Visual Inspections Include

Project Planning

  • Detailed Statement of Work
  • Extensive pre-inspection planning
  • Safety assessment 

Field Inspection / Data Collection

  • Comprehensive image collection process (high-resolution EO and IR)
  • Latest generation of aircraft and sensors
  • Insured, CAA102 certified and experienced drone pilots
  • On-site inspection progress dashboard
  • Immediate notification of high-risk anomalies detected
Post-Inspection Analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis by industry-experienced engineers
  • Identification and classification of Reliability Concerns (RCs)
  • Analysis of hot spots by certified thermographers


  • Interactive GIS-mapped Results Dashboard
  • Detailed and categorized Spreadsheet Results
  • Complete set of georeferenced and catalogued images 
  • Project Summary Report

LiDAR Survey

High Resolution Images

Infrared Thermal Images

Raptor Clamp™ Diverters