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(Fire Management Devices Add DSPA to Almost Any Fire Panel)

There is nothing an installer is more familiar with than his own extinguishing control panels. DSPA has developed the unique, easy to integrate DSPA Universal Activation System. Capable of controlling, monitoring and activating up to 400 DSPA condensed aerosol generators simultaneously, no matter which control panel is connected. Aerosol suppression systems need to activate each DSPA condensed aerosol generator separately. The specific characteristics of extinguishing control panels worldwide require custom solutions to achieve reliable activation.

The DSPA Universal Activation System is designed to provide a seamless integration between DSPA condensed aerosol generators and fire control panels. Building reliable and efficient DSPA condensed aerosol suppression systems by any extinguishing control panel, independent of its manufacturer. This enables you to use your locally known and familiar equipment to engineer a complete suppression system, increasing the reliability and quality of the final build fire suppression system.


The DSPA Universal Activation System is built with 1 or 2 DSPA UAS Controllers (100850) and a DSPA UAS Forwarder (100851) for each 2 connected DSPA condensed aerosol generators. The units are standard mounted in IP65 (Controller) and IP67(Forwarder) enclosures. The DSPA UAS Controller is connected directly to the Fire Alarm and Suppression Panel. The DSPA UAS Forwarders activate and monitor the DSPA condensed aerosol generators. The DSPA Universal Activation System hasadvanced features to monitor all connections for wire break and circuit shortcut. A Test Mode supports installation, commissioning and maintenance. Actual status is signalled by led indicators and reported to the release panel.

The DSPA Universal Activation System comes with its own EN-54 power supply with battery backup, but can also be powered from the Auxiliary power output of the release panel. In case of the latter, the maximum number of DSPA Aerosol generators which can be connected to the DSPA Universal Activation System depend on the current rating of the Auxiliary power output.

• Applicable to any panel
• Up to 400 generators
• Line monitoring
• System test mode
• -40 to +85ºC
• IP65 & IP67