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Raptor Clamp™ Diverters

“UAV installations greatly reduce time and cost when compared to bucket truck or helicopter installations and are less disruptive to home owners    and traffic”

Preformed Line Products provides safe and efficient services for installing RAPTOR CLAMP™ Diverters to transmission overhead shield wires and distribution conductors using unmanned aerial
vehicles (UAVs). Our experienced crews operate UAVs equipped with added sensors and guides to securely attach bird diverters to power lines.

“The RAPTOR CLAMP™ Diverters are designed to increase the visibility of overhead power lines for birds, providing an economical means of reducing risk to both utility power lines and wildlife.”
These innovative devices offer an economical approach, reducing risks for both wildlife and utility infrastructure, by increasing awareness and minimizing accidents, these Diverters play a vital role in ensuring safety.

• UAV (Drone) Installation is available through PLP’s Asset Inspection Services.
• Easy “bump and snap” installation on the cable.
• No special tools required.
• Simple, cost-effective design.
• Lightweight (total weight = 159 grams).
• Manufactured from UV stabilized polycarbonate and polyethylene materials.
• All metal hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel.

The flapper paddle enhances the visibility of the cable by extending its visible profile. Equipped with a hinge point where it connects to the cable, it sways in the wind, creating
a hazy motion that effectively captures the attention of various avian species. Additionally, each diverter includes reflective tape that reflects light, specifically aiding species that are
active during dusk and dawn.

The Raptor Clamp Diverter is made from a UV-stabilized rigid nylon material and includes stainless steel hardware. The yellow flappers are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene. All components possess excellent chemical resistance and strength properties to function properly in extreme environments.

For optimum results, spacing distances are generally recommended at 4-5 metres intervals depending upon local conditions.

Raptor Clamp™ Diverter Drone Installation Kit
The industry’s leading clamp-style diverter is now the first to offer a do-it-yourself drone-based installation kit. When combined with the DJI M300/M350 drone platform, the RAPTOR CLAMP™ Diverter installation kit provides utilities with the most versatile, safe, and efficient self-service method for installing bird diverters. For further details about the product or to make inquiries, please email Allen James, our Inspection Services Manager, at