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Short Circuit (Fault Current) Test

Fault Testing Up to 25kA @ 6 Seconds

  • The short circuit testing unit is intended to supply the fault current test requirements of a cable joint type test, as required by IEC 61238-1, IEC 61284, AS 1154-1 and BS 3288-1.
  • Short circuit tests are often performed in conjunction with the heat cycle testing of the connectors.
  • Fault current testing of all other power equipment such as earth leads is also available.
  • The system transformer which powers the short circuit unit produces 25kA at up to 60V AC for 6 seconds.
  • The short circuit unit can be configured with different taps and turns to enable various levels of fault current.
  • A thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of the test item after the fault current is applied.
  • The use of PLC and timing circuits allows for accurate control of the time period and the level of fault current applied.