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Thermocord PIC

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The DSPA Thermocord PIC can be used as part of a highly effective fixed extinguishing system. A thermocord PIC is installed to a DSPA Generator and can be used for the detection of fire and the activation of the DSPA generator. The DSPA Thermocord PIC in combination with a DSPA generator are effective on class A, B, C fires.


The DSPA Thermocord PIC is recommended for the protection of objects and narrow compartments under moisture conditions, such as engine compartments, electrical cabinets, switchgears and cable ducts.

  • Exceptional effective fire detection cable
  • 100% Waterresistant (except ends)
  • Uniquely easy to install and maintain
  • Compatible with all DSPA Generator types
Model Thermocord
Part number 1000029(t)
Colour 80 x 16 mm
Length 70g
Diameter 5g
Burning time 0,15 m³
Net explosive matter 5-7 sec
Ignition Temperature Built-in starter, 1.3A (e) or built-in thermocord (t)
Shelflife -40°C to 75°C/ -40°F to 167°F Up to 95% RH
Dangerous goods classification Standard RAL 3000, other colours upon request
Storage The storage needs to be approved according national
legislation. The thermocord PIC must only be stored in its original
packing in a dry and cool environment.
Notes for secure handling The product can be activated by open fire, a spark, or by
temperature. Protect from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Open the packaging with care. Don’t use any machinery nearby
that may create sparks. Keep away from heat sources — don’t