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Twin-Spacer Robotic Installations – CSR-18™ ROBOT

Offered in partnership with FulcrumAir, installations of PLP’s CUSHION-GRIP® Twin Spacers utilizing the CSR-18™ robot provide utilities with dramatic improvements in workplace safety, project efficiency, and product application. Using proprietary systems developed by PLP and FulcrumAir, the CSR-18™ robot automatically and accurately installs twinconductor spacers at any preset distance to within a five-centimeter tolerance. The spacers are positioned at precise right angles to the conductor to ensure optimal performance, and the bolt is torqued to PLP’s exact specification. This sequence happens automatically while also logging important quality control data, such as torque values and spacer locations, enabling the utility to easily reference it for future inspection and maintenance needs.

Improved Workplace Safety
• Reduces lineworker exposure to safety hazards
• Eliminates the need for conductor carts

Project Efficiency
• Dramatically decreases time installing
• Multiple robots deployed from one set-up location
• Installs spacers along multiple spans in minutes

Product Installations
• Installs spacers at precise right angles, ensuring optimal performance
• Accurately torques bolt to exact specifications
• Automatically logs placement data for future inspection/maintenance needs



The industry’s leading twin-conductor spacer is now the first to offer full-scale robotic installations.

PLP’s field-proven and industry-leading CUSHION-GRIP Twin Spacer features durable elastomer cushions that firmly secure twinbundle conductors while also protecting against bending stresses caused by subconductor oscillation and aeolian vibration.
• Made from high-strength, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
• Durable elastomer cushions protect conductors
• Designed for up to 125°C continuous operating temperatures (150° C two hour emergency)
• High-temperature version available for operation up to 250° C
• Laboratory-tested against both mechanical and electrical requirements of IEC Specification 61854